Mscaper screenshot

The large and growing archives of audio content on the web have been transforming the sound design practice. In this context, sampling – a fundamental sound design tool – has shifted from mechanical recording to the realms of the copying and cutting on the computer. To effectively browse these large archives and retrieve content became a well-identified problem in Music Information Retrieval, namely through the adoption of audio content-based methodologies.

MScaper is a semantically-oriented application for browsing and retrieving audio content, in particular, environmental sounds, from Freesound. We aimed to streamline the retrieval of user-defined queries to foster a fluid generation of soundscapes. Russel’s circumplex model, namely the description of affect based on the combination of valence and arousal dimensions, is adopted to filter textual soundscapes queries from Freesound.

By: Paulo Teixeira - University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering
Released: 11 July 2019