CTAG Strämpler screenshot

CTAG Strämpler is an eurorack sample streaming and sound synthesis module which incorporates live searching and retrieving of content from Freesound. CTAG Strämpler has been devleoped by the CTAG (Creative Technologies Arbeitsgruppe) team at Kiel University of Applied Science.

  • An open source eurorack sample streaming and sound synthesis module.
  • Half streamer, half sampler, therefore called Strämpler (close to German word of Strampler meaning romper suit).
  • Allows streaming of large audio files from SD card (limit 2GB file size due to FAT32 used).
  • A eurorack modular synth module with 22 HP width and an internet connection.
  • A bridge to connect to Freesound, to play with samples within your modular synth setup.
  • Allows tweaking of your sound just like you’d do with a sampler + a modular synth.
  • Allows to parameter tweak and modulate sounds by control voltage (CV), employing a complex modulation matrix.

You’ll find more details and how to contribute in the project code repository.

By: Robert Manzke, Phillip Lamp, Niklas Wantrupp
Released: 27 April 2019
URL: https://www.creative-technologies.de/ctag-strampler-a-eurorack-sample-streaming-and-sound-synthesis-module/
Code: https://github.com/ctag-fh-kiel/ctag-straempler