MIRLC screenshot

MIRLC consists of a set of SuperCollider extensions for using Music Information Retrieval (MIR) techniques in live conding. In particular, MIRLC includes the MIRLCRep class which is designed for repurposing audio samples from Freesound (using and expanding the already existing Freesound quark for SuperCollider). This allows to easily search, download and integrate Freesound audio clips in a live coding environment and also keep track of which sounds were used and their licenses. Here is a video of a live performance by the author of MIRLC demonstrating the use if MIRLCRep:

MIRLCRep demo from Anna Xambó on Vimeo.

By: Anna Xamb├│
Released: 1 January 2016
URL: https://github.com/axambo/MIRLC
Code: https://github.com/axambo/MIRLC