Volca-Freesound screenshot

Volca-Freesound is an online app to load samples on the Korg Volca Sample. It selects random samples from the Freesound database. So it’s not a sample manager like Vosyr or Caustic Editor. This app chooses random samples by itself. You can only control the maximum length of the samples and which Volca slots to overwrite, but not much else.

The app is a sort of ‘sample randomizer’. Use it to bring new life to your Volca Sample. Let it create a selection of new and unexpected samples that might inspire you to create new music.

The Volca-Freesound app is online at https://hisschemoller.github.io/volca-freesound/. More information in author’s original blog post.

By: Wouter Hisschemöller
Released: 28 December 2018
URL: https://hisschemoller.github.io/volca-freesound/
Code: https://github.com/hisschemoller/volca-freesound