Freesound API demos screenshot

Freesound API demos is a set of user interfaces for querying the Freesound database that showcase the capabilities of the Freesound APIv2. They also serve as an example of pure client-based development, based on the Javascript Freesound APIv2 client.

  • Recorder shows how to upload sounds to Freesound directly from the browser.
  • Scatterplot organizes the results of a text query based on Essentia descriptors
  • cbsearch shows how to query the Freesound database with a selection of Essentia content-based descriptors, both using target-based querying and filter-based querying.
  • Sounds is a custom interface for searching short sounds using content-based descriptors. Sounds, notes and chords can be found based on the energy, and for pitched sounds note and octave.
  • Loops allows you to find loops based on tempo and musical key using Essentia descriptors

By: Gerard Roma
Released: 1 July 2015