In this paper, the project AV Clash will be presented. AV Clash is a Web-based tool for integrated audiovisual expression, created by Video Jack (the author and André Carrilho, with the assistance of Gokce Taskan). In AV Clash, users can manipulate seven “objects” that represent sounds, incorporating audio-reactive animations and graphical user interface elements to control animation and sound. The sounds are retrieved from online sound database Freesound.org, while the animations are internal to the project. AV Clash addresses the following research question: how to create a tool for integrated audiovisual expression, with customizable content, which is flexible, playful to use and engaging to observe? After an introduction to the project, a contextualization with similar works is presented, followed by a presentation of the motivations behind the project, and past work by Video Jack. Then the project and its functionalities are described. Finally, conclusions are presented, assessing the achievement of the initial aims, and addressing the limitations of the project, while outlining paths for future developments.

Authors: Nuno N. Correia
Published in: Sound and Music Computing Conference (2010)
URL: https://www.zotero.org/ncorreia/items/KRB38MNU