A principal role of audio in virtual environments is the creation of a sound ambiance or soundscape. Current developments (e.g. online communities, web and mobile technologies) might require new paradigms of soundscape collaborative design and interaction. We propose an online platform that aims at simplifying the authoring process, but o ering at the same time, a realistic and interactive soundscape. Graph models, representing virtual acoustic sources, control the sequencing of events (samples) using concatenative synthesis. Samples are retrieved from a user-contributed audio repository, which integrates a content-based search engine and an ecological acoustics taxonomy. A server architecture allows the synthesis engine to support several independent listeners simultaneously. Client applications are responsible for sending position updates, receiving the soundscape as a web stream.

Authors: Jordi Janer, Stefan Kersten, Mattia Schirosa, Gerard Roma
Published in: AES 41st International Conference on Audio for Games (2011)
URL: http://mtg.upf.edu/node/1927